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Photography has been a love of mine since the early 70’s beginning in middle school. My first camera was a Pocket Instamatic 110. In high school I bought my first GAF manual meter film camera and joined the photography team. In college I continued with 35mm slides and created slide presentations with music and narration. Life-changing events such as marriage and children caused me to re-focus my photographic interests toward family, nature, and vacations. Over the years film rolls started to accumulate in the refrigerator as the cost of film developing went up. Finally, after missing years of shots of the children growing up, I splurged and bought a 35mm digital SLR camera.

My SLR camera and digital photography in general has opened many opportunities for me. I photograph weddings, families, nature, portraits, and area sports events. I am also a member of the Patapsco State Park photography crew. I provide photography services for events at the park.

Recently, I organized a team of photographers at church known as “Hope Works Photography”. We volunteer our time for non-profit events for groups such as Convoy of Hope, Helping Up Mission, and the Trinity Assembly of God Church. We also do photos such as church membership and youth activity photos. I truly enjoy helping others hold on forever to their cherished memories through photography.

In addition to photography, I recently decided to further develop another lifelong interest. I teach people how to live a healthier life by creating a customized personal nutritional regimen for each individual customer. My goal is to create programs allowing the individual to heal from the cellular level outward to the rest of the body. I put the customer actively in charge of his or her own personal health choices. Such choices encourage individual achievement of total health on the inside.

My photography services then gives the person a chance to capture memories of a radiant, healthy life totally enjoyed for years with family and friends in the world around them.